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Contract Engineering and Drilling

Contract Engineering Services 

For consultancies that require on-site geoenvironmental and geotechnical engineering, desk-based consultancy support or end-to-end factual investigation works completing to pre-defined scope, our experienced team can provide high level contracting services with a guaranteed focus to any given project.


Dynamic Windowless Sample drilling

With our Dart sampling rig we provide windowless sampling and soil recovery to depths of up to 7m. Our tracked lightweight Dart can handle a variety of terrains, and with its compact and modular build we access a wide variety of drilling positions.


Confined space and indoor drilling

For confined and indoor space, where ventilation is restricted or fume production is prohibited to avoid cross contamination of products or produce, we have a bespoke standalone solution, powered by a custom built electrical hydraulics pack to suit any situation, with or without on site power.


Handheld Windowless Sample drilling

For the hardest to reach locations, where space and access are most restricted, or sampling must be performed horizontally, we have a handheld solution sampling solution which can be applied in almost any situation.


Dynamic Probing

For investigation beyond the capabilities of our lightweight rig’s recovery depths, we hold dynamic probe rods capable of providing continuous geotechnical in situ testing up to a maximum of 15m. These can prove particularly effective in providing rapid assessment of refusal depths, enabling the interpretation of obstruction or sinkhole presence and depth, for minimal cost and with rapid turn around results. 

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