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Phase 1 Risk Assessment

Engineers completing a site walkover

Site Walkovers


The undertaking of site investigation works without proper prior understanding of site conditions can lead to mishaps and unforeseen issues, causing delays and potential accidents and avoidable hazards. With a focus on health and safety and a ensuring the most appropriate approach to site works for our clients, we ensure site walkovers are undertaken on all our sites prior to works being undertaken. These are performed both at the proposal stage, via digital satellite and street view imagery, and following instruction, as a physical pre-commencement walkover to ensure all access and health and safety factors are considered.

Engineer completing a desk study

Desk studies


Desk Studies enable us to provide a comprehensive understanding of site works prior to investigation, both for our clients and to inform our own targeted investigations. As such, we provide a range of detailed desk study services for our clients, including historic and contemporary on and offsite land use with considerations made to potential environmental and geotechnical hazards, such as potential land an water contamination sources, ground stability and extractive industry impacts to name a few.

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